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Fairs, Festivals and Outdoor Events

Roaming Grand Piano Shows   at many events we only use  1 or 2 pianos without stage setup. The ultimate Roaming show.

Package #1

Our most popular package for outdoor events for 2011 includes:

* Our stationary (Puppetone Rockers) show with Show Truck and staging

* (1) Huge Roaming Grand Piano 

This package allows us to offer the most for the money. We can be a roaming act, full stationary show,  any kind of Parade, many combinations.       Check out -

1 day - $5,000

3 day weekend - $6,000

7 day week - $10,500

(7 days or more - $1,500/day)

All prices are negotiable depending on travel.

Package #2

This package includes everything in package #1 and adds the 2nd huge Roaming Grand Piano. This doesn’t make it twice as big... it makes it 10 times as big. Grandstand shows, Huge parades, the ability to send 1 Roaming Grand Piano to another location as ambassador for the fair.   Example:  Give that big Sponsor a show at his location and keep things going at the fair grounds. Be the absolute STAR in that big feature parade through town. So much more

      This package needs to be discussed... adding a 2nd Roaming Grand Piano requires more people and vehicles. The 2nd piano travels through out the United States and sometimes isn’t available.

Requirements for Roaming Grand Piano shows:

   * A place for truck that is accessible to the Roaming Grand Piano

   * Electricity for truck - (2) 30 amp 110 volt lines for truck

   * Accomodations for 35’ Motor Home

Requirements for stationary show:

   * Space needed - 40’ x 40’ (show truck backdrop + staging when used)

   * Electricity - (2) 30 amp 110 volt lines for show

   * Accomodations for 35’ motor home


     Office  205-424-0906

Cell  205-876-6985   

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